14 Mar

“Share Your Love, Lend A Hand” Outreach Event – 5/19/2014

Circle of Love PBHSProject Blue Hands Society (PBHS) announces it’s 2nd outreach initiative, “Share Your Love, Lend A Hand“, taking place on the morning of Monday, May 19th, 2014, beginning at 9:30am, at The Door Is Open in the Downtown Eastside (DTES) of Vancouver.

Once again, we are bringing together children and parents to serve food to people in need in DTES. Here are few changes to note:

1) The Door Is Open has moved. Instead of being on Cordova Street, they are still in the same building, however their new entrance is on 255 DUNLEVY AVE, right across from Oppenheimer Park. This new location has a better layout, and is well organized for the children to serve the people, as well.

2) Since the children had a very smooth and uplifting experience in January, we are going to engage them in actually making the sandwiches this time (gloves and other utensils will be provided).

These are the only two changes!

Here’s a quick run- through for the children and parents:

1) Children will be supervised at all times. We’re looking for a 3:1 ratio of supervisors (3 children per 1 adult).

2) Children will be making the sandwiches, and decorating the lunch bags with uplifting words.

3) Children will be bagging & handing out lunches to the people that frequent The Door Is Open.

As some of you know, on January 3rd, 2014, we celebrated our daughter Ariyana’s 9th birthday as part of PBHS’ very first initiative. She invited her Grade 4 classmates to join her in this very unique and outstanding way to celebrate life by giving back to other lives who are in dire need of love. It is not a surprise to say that each and every adult/parent who attended that day experienced the magnitude of what happened in our/their own unique way. Witnessing the children as young as 6 years-old opening their hearts wide, and lovingly and curiously extending their arms to reach out in support of the impoverished, was by far the most precious gift of the season! (PLEASE VIEW THE VIDEO FROM OUR FIRST OUTREACH PROGRAM.)

‘Paying It Forward’ is the mentality/reality we aspire to ignite within the hearts of the children. PBHS would like to take this opportunity to share our immense gratitude to all the children and parents who continue to devote their time and donations toward this cause of ‘Paying It Forward.’ We are deeply inspired by the children, and want all of you to know that, together, we can co-create practical acts of Loving Kindness, continue to bring awareness of poverty in Vancouver, and exemplify just how each and everyone of us are able to actively create the sincere shift towards making a change for the better in our community. PBHS will continue to provide opportunities and organize events like this throughout the year, as ways to essentially empower youth through community service.

We sincerely appreciate the ongoing help and participation of our loving children. Your kind generosity in donating for the May 19th event is a tremendous help. We are humbly asking for a general contribution of $20 per child/person (or more if desired). These contributions will go towards purchasing all the groceries, lunch bags and juice boxes, etc., for feeding the homeless on this day.

Though this message is addressed mainly toward children, we encourage all of you in the Vancouver, BC area to participate in the opportunity to give back to our community! ALL ARE WELCOME!!

Also, please stay tuned for our Summer ‘Make-A-Change & Give Thanks’ Concert that we are planning for some time in August of 2014. We will have local musicians from Vancouver, and are hoping to have some of the children (whomever is interested and around for that portion of summer break) to also perform a song called ‘ Give Thanks’ (Mikuak Rai from Washington, D.C., also writer/producer of the song, will train and prepare them) for the concert. We will be serving the sandwiches outdoors at Oppenheimer Park across from The Door Is Open for this particular event. More news to follow in the coming months!!

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa