30 Dec

Celebrate Life & Community!

Alexandra, Olivia and AriyanaCelebrating Ariyana’s 10th Birthday…
For the second year in a row, instead of having a regular birthday party, Ariyana Warner (right), young co-director of Project Blue Hands, wishes to use her birthday as a ‘love offering’ and opportunity to reach out to people-in-need living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. You are cordially invited to join us on the morning of Friday, January 2nd, 2015 at The Door is Open, and help us celebrate by sharing your loving-kindness.
Some of Ariyana’s friends and fellow classmates from her Grade 5 class will be sharing their culinary skills in making delicious and nutritious sandwiches to serve, and decorating bags with inspiring messages.
Volunteers are asked to arrive at The Door Is Open (255 Dunlevy Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6A 3A5, Canada) at 9:30am to help with lunch preparation. Everyone is welcome to join us; however, for organization purposes, and to ensure the children experience a smooth and safe environment, kindly RSVP by emailing us at birthdays@projectbluehands.org.
This young girl is showing how having a spirit that uplifts is a true gift!! ♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARIYANA!!! ♥

26 Oct

When Somebody Cares (A Poem by Cowboy)

Cowboy performing during #GiveThanks! at Victory Square

Cowboy performing during PBH’s #GiveThanks! Event at Victory Square in DTES Vancouver on September 20, 2014

When Somebody Cares
Tho, you’ve met with great misfortunes,
And no doubt many times felt blue,
Tho, your plans for life got side tracked,
And your dreams didn’t prove true,
Tho, you’ve toiled, praying, struggling,
At the bottom of the stairs,
You will find it helps an awful lot,
When you know that somebody cares.
I know that this world isn’t all sunshine,
For many a days a dark cloud does disclose,
But there’s a cross for every one of us,
And for everyone there is a rose,
Yet the cross isn’t so grievous,
Nor, the thorn the rose bed wears,
And it really makes a difference,
When you know that somebody cares.
It will send a thrill of rapture,
Through the brave work of your heart,
And it will stir the inner being,
Til’ the teardrops want to start,
Yet this world is worth the living,
When in your sorrow someone does share,
And the clouds have silver linings,
When you know that somebody cares.
Written by Cowboy (August 5th, 2014)
View the #GiveThanks! Event Highlight Video and see Cowboy share his voice on the song “Give Thanks” with Mikuak Rai