02 Dec

Celebrating by Serving Others

Ariyana and Isaiah, Founding Members of PBHSAriyana Isabel, young director of Project Blue Hands Society, turns 9 on Dec 16th 2013! For her birthday this year, she has decided to hold a special Love Offering event in lieu of the usual fun/play birthday party.

Some of her friends and fellow classmates in her Grade 4 class will be sharing their culinary skills in making delicious and nutritious sandwiches to serve the people at The Door is Open, located in the heart of East Vancouver at 373 East Cordova Street.

Everyone is welcome to join us; however, for organization purposes, and to ensure the children experience a smooth and safe environment, kindly RSVP by emailing us at info@projectbluehands.org.

This is a unique and blessed way to celebrate her 9th birthday; so, we are very grateful to all those who choose to help ensure that her day is shared with much love and with many helping hands! The total number of children will be announced soon; and, PBHS is looking to have a 1:3 ratio with adult supervision for these very giving and big-hearted children!

**We are also accepting donations to help cover the cost of food items and other materials. Please email us at donations@projectbluehands.org to coordinate your contributions.

Children Are Our Future!! May Ariyana’s birthday celebration inspire more and more children to continue this art of giving!!